Welcome. My name is Anna Hazenberg. I am a certified Life and Wellness Coach and I am here to help.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed out?
  • Are you unhappy with your weight and body, but can’t seem to get yourself to do anything about it?
  • Are you tired of living up to everybody’s expectations, including your own?
  • Do you feel you’ve lost connection with yourself, as a parent, friend and employee?
  • Do you feel life with your partner and family is only about working through to-do lists, homework and other obligations?
  • Do you feel uninspired and are not doing what you were meant to do?

If you’ve answered any of these questions with ‘Yes!’, life coaching sessions with me can help you. Your life doesn’t have to be one big compromise.

In my coaching sessions, we look at what is holding you back and I will give you the theory and tools to:

Build loving and healthy relationships with yourself and others (yes, this is all about boundaries)

Take steps to lead a healthier lifestyle (exercise more, eat, drink, and smoke less)

Get to know yourself and what you want from life

Spark your creativity

Are you up for that? Hop on over to my coaching programs!