“With Anna’s support and guidance I was able to see the Dream I was chasing for the last 15 years start to become a reality. Being of strong mind and very independent, seeing a life coach was not something that ever crossed my mind. But I’m very glad I made the choice to see Anna. Anna helped me see that my future was really in my hands and that I’d already taken the first step in changing my life.”

P.G., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Anna had the ability to see me beyond the words I spoke. She was incredibly intuitive and offered her insights with skill and gentle directness. Her clarity and compassion pushed me beyond my limits and helped me move forward with enthusiasm and confidence.“

B.Banfield, Pittsburgh, PA

“Great thanks for the sessions, it was very enlightening and several clicks happened when I could see clearer where I’m going and what is right for me. I have now more confidence in being able to solve whatever comes my way and ability to be more of who I really am and being able to handle just about anything in life. Big, big thanks for the possibility to have sessions via Skype which made my sessions possible!”

A very grateful client, Helsinki, Finland

“I came to Anna at a turbulent time in my life, I was struggling to deal with change and felt like I’d lost touch with who I was and I had very little self belief. Anna didn’t try and simply solve my problems, Anna gave me the tools to solve the problems myself and these are tools that I will value and use for the rest of my life. Things that had been staring me in the face for a very long time finally became clear and I’m pretty sure this would never have happened if I hadn’t attended those few sessions. I have a lot to thank Anna for and I will be forever grateful. I recommended Anna to two of my friends and I know they also share my feelings of gratitude”

C.G., London, Great Britain